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CD1: The Celtic Harp (2010)

This CD is a gem featuring 17 beautiful instrumental tracks, recorded by Paul Rayner brown - Sarah Brightman’s executive Producer.
 In his words: “Ken Parsons has elevated playing the Celtic Harp to a spellbinding and magical level”and offers  “ a unique insight into the world of the Celtic Harp”.

Here’s a sample of a Welsh Tune:

Here’s a sample of a Breton tune:

17 Tracks. Instrumental. ca 70 minutes

CD2: Celtic Harp favourites (2008)

Dedicated to the memory of Mark Scott (Bone the poet) it is a highly emotionally charged album and demonstrates Ken’s swift progress on the harp.

“The Wild Mountain Thyme” (sample):

“the Maid from The Parish of Penderyn” (sample):

These tunes are great examples of Ken’s flowing style and expert composition- the dramatic build up, clever use of pauses and passionate yet gentle vocal style singles this album out.

12 Tracks. Songs and instrumental ca 50 minutes

CD3: Home is where the harp is (2001)

This is Ken’s debut CD and was backed by friends from the famous robin Nolan group, a band who had played frequently for george Harrison and recognized the potential in ken’s music
It is a 50 minute compilation of songs and tunes and highlights include a delightful version of:

“the lark” (sample):

and a rendition of the renowned tune:

“Amazing grace” (sample):

after recording this piece the engineer removed his headphones and said “That WAS indeed amazing”.

11 Tracks. Songs and instrumental ca 50 minutes