Celtic Harp

Celtic Harp

Ken Parsons- Celtic Harp Page

He was born on 30th April 1968, Bealtaine’s Eve. His father was born on Plymouth’s Bretonside and it was the music of the legendary Breton, Alan Stivell that inspired Ken to take up Celtic Harp after many years of musical travels. Ken has is now honoured to be a regular guest of the storytellers at the famous Interceltic Festival in Lorient, Brittany.

Ken works as a professional harpist in many different capacities:
At weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and art fairs. In the social sector Ken plays harp for children as part of MEMO foundation and his music is highly prized in shows for the disabled and the sick. His soothing music has also provided solace and reflection at many funerals and memorial services

He also plays harp at folk-festivals, pubs and clubs as focal point of his multi-faceted folk, music and comedy variety show.

He has recorded three excellent CDs of Celtic Harp Music.